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Sometimes it is the most innocuous events that galvanize us into action.

The idea for Celebrity Scholarships, Inc., was born out of just such an event.

When Kelly Hall, President and CEO of Celebrity Scholarships, Inc., learned that her daughter's second grade class could not complete their Easter project because they ran out of construction paper, naturally her reaction was, "Why doesn't the school buy more construction paper?"

Upon discovering the school had no budget left for such purchases, and in fact, could not afford to replace other necessities such as scissors, staplers, pencil sharpeners, etc., that had, through the course of the school year become broken, worn out or lost, she didn’t get mad, she got active!

As a divorced mother of two young children, and on a tight budget herself, Kelly was no stranger to finding resourceful ways to meet the needs of her family. Using that same tenacious resourcefulness, she found a large, local company about to close down. Wasting no time, she contacted the company and convinced them to donate all of their office supplies, which would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, to the school.

The result — a win-win, happy ending! And from that experience grew a burning desire to help children get not only the supplies they need, but also receive the education they deserve.

That was sixteen years ago. Today Celebrity Scholarships, Inc., is finally a reality whose main purpose is to change our world for the better, one child at a time through our 'Adopt a Classroom' program and individual scholarships for college-bound students.

Along with Kelly Hall, Tammi Haynes and Shara Chandler, vice-president and secretary/treasurer respectively, share Kelly’s passion and her vision for helping children. Each bring their own unique set of skills and talents to insure Celebrity Scholarships, Inc., is a resounding success.

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